Corked 032: Touch Sensitive by Timothy Carroll

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Really pleased that Touch Sensitive has provided well crafted selection’s for us this week. Label boss Mark says ‘On re-listening, it seems this selection of tunes was heavily influenced by the wet, grey and melancholy BT4 day that it soundtracked. Thanks to Passerby for the shout.’

Touch Sensitive is a Belfast based record label that deals in both new and archival releases. Our catalogue includes work with David Holmes, Cherrystones, Documenta, Barry Lynn, Group Zero, Black Bones, Autumns, Maya, Ai Messiah and Gross Net.

Corked 027 by Timothy Carroll

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We’ve some Rap tunes this week. Kicking off with Jay Electronica’s classic ‘voodoo man’ then onto some Madlib related tunes and towards the end there are tracks by Pusha T and Group Home. Thanks

Corked 026 by Timothy Carroll

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Sorry we’re a bit late this week; we played at Rye Wax on Tuesday and went to see Fatima last night, who was great. This week’s show has a couple of covers by Song Sung and CFCF and ends with William Onyeabor’s ‘Ride on Baby’ and a lovely tune by Abdel Aziz el Mubarak. Cheers

Corked 025 by Timothy Carroll

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Our second show of 2019 is a bit half and half; Spiritual Jazz at the start and bigger electronic tunes to end. Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, Shed and Alva Noto amongst others, Cheers.

Corked 24 by Timothy Carroll

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After a break over the holidays, our first selections of 2019 are for an old friend Luke who passed away a few years ago. As a teenager he was constantly playing everything from Antipop Consortium to Nick Drake, Vincent Gallo to Low End Theory. His curiosity for sounds and life in general was and still is infectious.

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Corked 021 by Timothy Carroll

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Music this week comes from ambient artists Joanna Brouk, Brian Eno and Jean - Michel Blais onto French artist Emmanuelle Parrenin, Trio Aiki, Lowe and Kalma, a Nico Jaar remix of Grizzly Bear and then Suicide. iTunes

Corked 020 by Timothy Carroll

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So we’ve reached our twentieth show. We still feel fairly new at it. We’ve got some guest mixes coming up over the next few months, which we’re looking forward to, as well as some other stuff we’re working on. Hope you enjoy this week’s selection.

Corked 019 by Timothy Carroll

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Soul, Funk, Disco and Gospel this week. Kicking off with MFSB and onto Leon Haywood, Stones Throw’s Stimulator Jones, one of Marvin Gaye’s ‘In our lifetime’ record and then some big gospel tunes. iTunes

Corked 018 by Timothy Carroll

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More tunes this week that are maybe suited to darker nights and colder weather (in the U.K that is). Mostly jazz from classic artists Bill Evans and Charles Mingus and onto more avant-garde artists Albert Heath and Michael Garrick Sextet, the music finishes with The Electric Prunes ‘Holy Are You’ produced by David Axelrod and a Sonny Sharrock tune called ‘Who does she hope to be’. Cheers iTunes 

Corked 016 by Timothy Carroll

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Music from countries such as Sudan, Ethiopia and Brazil. There is a live track from the brilliant London based band The Scorpios, an experimental one from Derek Bailey and Cyro Baptista, Samba from Jose Prates and finishing with dance floor friendly remixes by Daphni and Medlar. Thanks


Corked 014 by Timothy Carroll

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A largely mellow assortment for this week. The selection opens Dr John's 'Did She Mention My Name?' includes the low key funk of Cymande's 'One More' and closes with Herbie Mann's 'Guinnevere', which features nice guitar work from the great Sonny Sharrock.