Corked 021 by Timothy Carroll

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Music this week comes from ambient artists Joanna Brouk, Brian Eno and Jean - Michel Blais onto French artist Emmanuelle Parrenin, Trio Aiki, Lowe and Kalma, a Nico Jaar remix of Grizzly Bear and then Suicide. iTunes

Corked 020 by Timothy Carroll

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So we’ve reached our twentieth show. We still feel fairly new at it. We’ve got some guest mixes coming up over the next few months, which we’re looking forward to, as well as some other stuff we’re working on. Hope you enjoy this week’s selection.

Corked 019 by Timothy Carroll

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Soul, Funk, Disco and Gospel this week. Kicking off with MFSB and onto Leon Haywood, Stones Throw’s Stimulator Jones, one of Marvin Gaye’s ‘In our lifetime’ record and then some big gospel tunes. iTunes

Corked 018 by Timothy Carroll

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More tunes this week that are maybe suited to darker nights and colder weather (in the U.K that is). Mostly jazz from classic artists Bill Evans and Charles Mingus and onto more avant-garde artists Albert Heath and Michael Garrick Sextet, the music finishes with The Electric Prunes ‘Holy Are You’ produced by David Axelrod and a Sonny Sharrock tune called ‘Who does she hope to be’. Cheers iTunes 

Corked 016 by Timothy Carroll

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Music from countries such as Sudan, Ethiopia and Brazil. There is a live track from the brilliant London based band The Scorpios, an experimental one from Derek Bailey and Cyro Baptista, Samba from Jose Prates and finishing with dance floor friendly remixes by Daphni and Medlar. Thanks


Corked 014 by Timothy Carroll

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A largely mellow assortment for this week. The selection opens Dr John's 'Did She Mention My Name?' includes the low key funk of Cymande's 'One More' and closes with Herbie Mann's 'Guinnevere', which features nice guitar work from the great Sonny Sharrock.

Corked 013 by Timothy Carroll

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With the weather on the turn we thought it might be nice to throw together some cosy tracks this week. Starting with Arthur Russell and Midlake onto Kamasi Washington’s 13 min (why not) epic track ‘Truth’ and finishing off with some soulful Hip Hop tracks. Cheers.

Corked 012 by Timothy Carroll

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This week’s mix is another varied one. Some balearic stuff from Music from Memory, a Sketches from an Island remix of Tears for Fears and then progressing onto more housey tracks from the likes of Trus’me . Cheers

Corked 11: We Forfeit by Timothy Carroll

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We Forfeit is Robbie Geoghegan and Chris Robertson, two men based in Madrid making mixes and living their lives. They’ve been mixing music and collecting records for donkey’s years now but have only been setting stuff to MP3 for the past twelve months, you’ll find all the mixes here.

You’ll also catch them from time to time playing out in the Spanish capital.

For this one Robbie and Chris have wandered down a more abstract and ambient path. Chris has chosen some cracking tracks from labels from across the globe and from some known more for a tougher more galvanized style, such as Power Vacuum and Frustrated Funk. "South Pacific" is taken from a Joey Beltram's Aonox album, a collection of tracks with a far milder sound than his well known punchy productions which was released last year. Chris also chose a really sweet number from Caron's excellent EP from a couple of years back as well as offering two tracks from labels based in Spain: El Gaviero Ediciones and the superb Lapsus.

Robbie has picked out a selection of old ambient records with some modern abstract experimentations. To start off is the strangely intimate musical machinations of Zoviet*France before the modulations of Severence and the rough edges of TR Kirstein & Sune T.B. Nielsen. In the middle is a favourite from Richard Devine with two selections from the excellent Chill Out or Die Vol 2 on Rising high split by the warmth of FrameWatcher on Shimmering Moods.

Robbie has reviewed a number of the records from which tracks have been selected, such as Roger 23's cracking LP on Mensch and Oubys' eerie sci-fi inspired Second Planet. The finale comes in the shape of Lexanculpt's orchestral "Anburl" from Gosub's always inspiring Isophlux.

Corked 008 by Timothy Carroll

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A mixture of balearic type tracks picked up in places like Red Light Records, Amsterdam. There are songs from Ban, YMO and African Image amongst others. Cheers


Corked 007: no such thing as time by Timothy Carroll

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This week we compiled a selection of ambient and minimal tracks from a mix of hip hop, soul, electronic artists such as Ssaliva, Bilal Salaam, Jay Electronica, Vincent Gallo & more. In opting for largely drum-less tracks the aim was to create a fluid, soundtrack-like experience. 


Corked: 006 by Timothy Carroll

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Continuing on with our fairly eclectic Corked series we have tracks from the likes of Cybe, La Dusseldorf and Mungolian Jet Set. Cheers 

Corked 005: Andeh Lang - Morning Mist by Timothy Carroll

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This week we have a guest mix from Andeh Lang; a creative technologist currently residing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has released on the innovative Amsterdam based Will & Ink label. "For this Passerby podcast I have attempted to put together a collection of some of my favourite tracks in a way that makes for an engaging and evolving listening experience with just a little bit of an edge here and there, not paying too much attention to genre."


01 - Delia Derbyshire & Brian Hodgson with Paddy Kingsland - Doctor Who (Stereo Version, 1972) (RIP ETM)    (BBC Music)

02 - Mats Erlandsson - Ivory Towers    (Posh Isolation)

03 - Pink Siifu x Malik Abdul-Rahmaan - Pink.Blue    (flau)

04 - Steinbrüchel + Cory Allen - Seam 02    (Quiet Design)

05 - Fabriquedecouleurs - Ninjiski    (List)

06 - NHK - ch.10    (LINE)

07 - Cameron Butler - StreetBlues    (BANY Records)

08 - suprchnk - Highland (feat. Khari, Garrott Odom, Fritz! and Nory)   (BANY Records)

09 - Mats Erlandsson - Eterrum    (Posh Isolation)

10 - Heribert Friedl - 0.3    (LINE)

11 - Per Nørgård - String Quartet No. 4, Dreamscape    (Kontrapunkt)