Corked 008 by Timothy Carroll

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A mixture of balearic type tracks picked up in places like Red Light Records, Amsterdam. There are songs from Ban, YMO and African Image amongst others. Cheers


Corked 007: no such thing as time by Timothy Carroll

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This week we compiled a selection of ambient and minimal tracks from a mix of hip hop, soul, electronic artists such as Ssaliva, Bilal Salaam, Jay Electronica, Vincent Gallo & more. In opting for largely drum-less tracks the aim was to create a fluid, soundtrack-like experience. 


Corked: 006 by Timothy Carroll

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Continuing on with our fairly eclectic Corked series we have tracks from the likes of Cybe, La Dusseldorf and Mungolian Jet Set. Cheers 

Corked 005: Andeh Lang - Morning Mist by Timothy Carroll

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This week we have a guest mix from Andeh Lang; a creative technologist currently residing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has released on the innovative Amsterdam based Will & Ink label. "For this Passerby podcast I have attempted to put together a collection of some of my favourite tracks in a way that makes for an engaging and evolving listening experience with just a little bit of an edge here and there, not paying too much attention to genre."


01 - Delia Derbyshire & Brian Hodgson with Paddy Kingsland - Doctor Who (Stereo Version, 1972) (RIP ETM)    (BBC Music)

02 - Mats Erlandsson - Ivory Towers    (Posh Isolation)

03 - Pink Siifu x Malik Abdul-Rahmaan - Pink.Blue    (flau)

04 - Steinbrüchel + Cory Allen - Seam 02    (Quiet Design)

05 - Fabriquedecouleurs - Ninjiski    (List)

06 - NHK - ch.10    (LINE)

07 - Cameron Butler - StreetBlues    (BANY Records)

08 - suprchnk - Highland (feat. Khari, Garrott Odom, Fritz! and Nory)   (BANY Records)

09 - Mats Erlandsson - Eterrum    (Posh Isolation)

10 - Heribert Friedl - 0.3    (LINE)

11 - Per Nørgård - String Quartet No. 4, Dreamscape    (Kontrapunkt)

Corked: 002 by Timothy Carroll

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Corked: 002 has music from variety of eras and styles. Some of the tracks and artists that appear are 'Summer' from KA's excellent Grief Pedigree album, spiritual jazz from Barney Wilen and Travis Biggs and it finishes off with a production from Dakim's Saafron album. Cheers.