J Dilla - G Rhodes by Timothy Carroll

Video we cut for the Unseen James Yancey beat last year. Features footage of Dirtee Curt of Butter Made, taken from an improvised recording session at Ahk's house a few years back. The snippets of sunlight were recorded at Yancey's resting place- Forest Lawn memorial park, Glendale during the All Ears shoot.

Passerby Mixtape 001: Corked by Timothy Carroll


Here’s a new mixtape we’ve put together, featuring a range artists such as Amancio D’Silva, Ariel Kalma and Black Deer. 2018 will see more regular activity on here as we continue to develop documentary work and bring to life our first solely-Passerby-produced music releases. The mix is indicative of our tastes in varied styles and is downloadable above.

House Shoes - Darkness by Timothy Carroll

New video up on LOVETURL featuring the House Shoes track 'Darkness' which appears on the soundtrack of the Unseen. The video includes text from a House Shoes interview back in 2009, which provides further insight into the low key qualities of Detroit Hip Hop.