Sterling Toles / by Timothy Carroll

With last week marking the long-anticipated first official vinyl release of Sterling Toles’ music on Sector G-7 Recordings  it seems an appropriate time to share an interview from the archives.

Sterling Toles interview

November 2013

 on music

 A lot of people y’know take the thing that they love and try and do something new with the thing. and for me, I have no attachment to the thing that is that form of music, that I love. My connection is completely to the form of energy that created the thing. Because there’s an energy in every period of time that creates a sound. The sound at that moment is a reflection of the energy. Once the sound becomes tangible it doesn’t mean that energy will always emanate from that sound, because energy is always creating new forms. And so what happens is the sound is creating and people become attached to the sound. And for a period of time energy is emanating from that sound and it feels great, it’s like basking in the glow of it. But energy always changes forms. So when an energy now needs a new form to be that new amazing feeling that drew you to that thing, it’s inhabited something else now. Right, so people get attached to the sound even after the life of it has left, they still attached to the sound and think ‘why does this feel dead?’ or ‘what has gone wrong?’ but if you stay connected to the energy it always creates new exciting things. And the reason you fell in love with that thing is cause you were open when you first connected to it. And when you connect to it it’s like you stay there, ‘I’m gonna draw from this well until there ain’t no more water to draw.’ Then next thing you know less and less water’s coming from the well and you thirsty as hell y’know. But to me it’s like if you stay connected to that energy itself that’s like drawing from the ocean. The attachment can’t be to the sound, you have to become the energy as it chooses to become tangible in the way that it seeks. So it can become so many things. A lot of ways how we’ve come to function as humans is we’re attached to the object of things as opposed to keeping our focus on the energy that creates things.

on not being widely known

Creatively y’know there’s no desire to be part of the in crowd, or to be like the popular guy on campus. Cause it attracts a certain type of energy. Sometimes it attracts people that aren’t sincerely present, and that begins to diffuse the joy that you feel in the sanctuary. I feel that kinda way. I feel like the people that know about me are all the right people, hahaha.

making discoveries

 It’s incredible when you stumble upon something inspiring. A lot of times i feel being very inspired by something usually happens exclusively in the space of the unknown.. like where did this come from? How did this happen? You can just engage without knowing anything, without expectations. it just happens.

In that same sense I’ll listen to anything. You can put on a Chief Keef record or a Soulja Boy record and i’m really listening. So it’s not about finding, for me it’s about discovering the sea of potential that exists within everything you encounter. If you look at every experience as being like the jacket that has the perfect record in it, if you just pull the record out then life could be really dope. We gotta be more aware from the fact that beauty can come from anywhere so i’m paying attention to everything.